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The internet has provided millions of people with opportunities we wouldn’t have imagined 20 years ago.  People can find amazing dream jobs all over the world. Major companies are now working in virtual offices, with their staff spread out all over the world.  Ladies, and gentlemen, the future is right now.

I’ve been the fan of a company for a while now.  For anyone that uses social media regularly, especially if you have multiple accounts to manage, Buffer has become a must-have tool.  Over the last year or so I have used Buffer nearly every day, scheduling my posts, updates, and tweets with ease.

Their CEO’s also caught my attention because of my passion for blogging.  Leo and and Joel have taken the internet by storm by creating some of the most compelling content on the internet.  Their blog posts generate thousands of views, shares, and conversations every day.  I’ve recently taken to trying their long-form posting success, using science, charts, and forms in my blog posts, like this one I did for SPARKON.

I’ve been to their website often and thought it would be an amazing place to work.  But with them being in San Francisco and me in Tennessee, and now Seattle, I never gave it much thought.  The other day, I visited their website and figured I would see what kind of jobs they were hiring for.  I discovered something absolutely thrilling!

Buffer has a Distributed Team!

What this means is if they hire me, I can work for them from Seattle.  I can work from home, in the coffee shop, from the rooftop… basically anywhere with internet access becomes my office.

Since this is a rare opportunity to join a startup that is poised for massive success, I decided to go outside the box… way outside the box!

I created a website,, featuring a video explaining why they should hire me.  I tried to be as funny as I could while at the same time getting the message across that I would be a valuable member of the team and have skills to offer toward the success of the company.

Go here to share and help me get this incredible job!




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